Weekly WordPress Goodies 02-07-2015

Welcome to a new installment of our weekly WordPress Goodies, heavy on tutorials and security advisories.

General WordPress News & Tips

Last week we included several tips & tricks to apply when setting up your new blog. This week, we begin with an article from WP Explorer detailing 5 common mistakes when setting up a new WordPress blog.

BobWP explains how to customize your WordPress dashboard and declutter it for an optimal workflow.

Another useful tutorial is offered by Chris Lema, for those that are starting blogging:


Several important advisories have been released this week, affecting various WordPress plugins:

WordPress Plugins

Among all the posts released in the WordPress repository this week, the following one sempt noteworthy: SEO Enforcer is kind of an "extension" to SEO By Yoast (in fact, it requires it to be installed) that ensures that the title and meta tags aren't too long, and truncate them if they are.

WP Solver published an article analyzing 5 speed reading & reading time plugins for WordPress, and another one with 5 plugins to optimize your database.

Design, themes & usability

Even though the title is a little ambitious, Tom Ewer published a list of 28 of the best WP Themes Ever in the WPMUDev blog.

With more baby-boomers retiring, but active online every day, and as time goes by, it will be important to design websites with the elderly in mind. That's what Smashing Magazine covers in this article.

And ThematoSoup published a very interesting post with tips on blog design to improve the user experience.

Not specifically WordPress related, but useful or cool anyway

This week, InstantShift published a cool infographic with 10 steps to choose the right SEO keywords. Click on the image below to see it at full size in their site:

tips to choose the right keywords

And finally, in the "phylosophical" side of things, WP Tavern published a post wondering if WordPress is suffering from the Innovators Dilemma.

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