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How Would You Like To Obtain 10 Times As Much Revenue From Your Autoblog, And Get It 10 Times Faster?

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No Sweat Mass Page Creator is a very powerful tool.

With the content and guides you got from your purchase you have what you need to start using it right away.

However, there's a difference between just "building an autoblog" and building an awesome autoblog that gets results.

I can tell you because we have had to learn from our mistakes, spend hours researching how to make our blogs look more natural and appealing, how to make the most out of them, and building our keyword lists.

And now, we want to offer all that content and knowledge to you on a silver platter, so that you don't have to go through that learning curve by yourself

We have created a special package that can help you achieve better, and faster results, as you will be learning from years of accumulated experience.

It's such a perfect companion to the plugin and guides you have just secured access to, it's almost a no-brainer.

Here's what's inside:

Component #1 - The Advanced Usage Tactics guide (a 27$ value)

This takes the basic training about spintax and the usage of No Sweat Mass Page Creator to the next level.

With this guide, you will be able to create more varied, content-rich  content that looks even more unique to Search Engines (so you get better rankings), and more appealing to end users (so you get higher conversions).

More specifically, you will learn:

  • A very useful trick to make sure that your content is perfectly formatted and looks awesome before you launch the mass publication.
  • The plugin we use to add visual stylizers to our posts, like dividers, boxes, tabs and accordions etc. that rivet visitors to our pages, and how we use spintax to apply different elements to each post.
  • Fact: images increase time on page and conversion rates. Learn how you can embed different images in your posts and how you can add pictures of the appropriate locations if you are using geographical lists like cities, for instance.
  • How to embed Google Maps in your posts, automatically focused in the correct place, even when you are creating thousands of different posts about cities, towns or villages.
  • How to embed dynamic content like weather widgets or Google News related to your post's topic, so that the content always stays fresh and looks up-to-date, even if you wrote it years ago.

Component #2 - The Advanced Strategies video tutorials (a 127$ value)

This will be a series of video trainings that we will be releasing on a weekly basis, in order to teach you the strategies you can use to build a business around your autoblog.

More specifically, here's what we'll be covering:


Week 1 - Introduction to autoblogging

In the first week we will be covering several important aspects of autoblogging, so that all the foundations are in place for you to understand the following trainings, and succeed in the long-term.

Thorughout several easy-to-digest videos we will be explaining:

  • The autoblogger's mindset. What an autoblog is and isn't, and the power of f____ f___.
  • Newton's third law states that F = m x a. The autoblogger's law states that $ = f x m2. We'll analyze what that means, and its implications.
  • What the "long-tail" concept is, how it applies to SEO in general and autoblogging in particular... and how it can make you a lot of money.
  • The type of "short tail" keywords that are good candidates for you to research further, to see if you can target them with your keyword lists, and which ones you should discard right away.
  • Why you should start building your first autoblog NOW, even if you haven't chosen your niche, business model or keywords yet.

Week 2 - Monetizing your autoblog

The second week will be a critical one, as we will be discussing:

  • The 5 basic business models you can use to monetize your autoblog.
  • Where to look for offers for each of them, including several examples, with live demos.
  • Tools and plugins you can use to increase conversions in your autoblog.

Don't be mislead by the shorter description of this module, as it will be the most content-packed one in the whole training series.

Week 3 - Optimizing and improving the rankings of your autoblog

In this third week we will be covering:

  • The must-have components, writing style and plugins to ensure a good on-site SEO.
  • How to have your site indexed fast.
  • Backlinking strategies, tools and services for autoblogs.
  • The importance of social signals for autoblogs; in which niches they work and in which they don't.
  • Some important differences between Google and Bing / Yahoo.

I'm sure you will understand the importance of this third week's training, as content by itself can only take you to a certain level in the rankings, you have to back it up with good SEO techniques.

Week 4 - The mad scientist's tips for autoblogers

This content won't be a must to manage your autoblog empire, but it will defintely be fun!

In this final week we will be covering:

  • The "spin-off" strategy to dominate your niche.
  • How to flip your autoblogs for fun and profit.
  • Unconventional usage of autoblogs. How you can use them as a market and keyword research tool. What? Yes, that's not a typo...

Component #3 - The "done-for-you" Mega-lists-pack (a 67$ value)

We included some lists with the plugin, so that you could start creating some content right away.

But as part of this offer, we wanted to go the extra-mile, and include a mega-pack of "done-for-you" lists, so that you don't have to do any work if you want to focus your content around these keywords.

Here are the lists included in the mega-pack:

  • 102 cat breeds, 186 dog breeds and 321 horse breeds.
  • 130 medical specialties, 170 types of cancer and 199 mental disorders.
  • A list of the 5,000 largest US cities,  30,117 US cities with their states, 6487 Canadian cities and states, 1718 UK cities and states, 7887 cities from Ireland, and 370 Australian cities and states.
  • 1388 careers & studies
  • 593 tennis players, 2290 golfers, and 30 NBA teams
  • Additional varied lists, like 2372 newspapers in the US, 374 USA festivals, and more.

We think some of these lists may be of great help to you depending on your niche. And even if you don't use them, they will at least spark your imagination, and give you ideas on what can be done with No Sweat Mass Page Creator.

Let's recap, when you get this special, launch offer, you will be getting:

  • The Advanced Usage Tactics guide, valued at 27$
  • The Advanced Strategies 4-weeks video series, valued at 127$
  • The "done-for-you" Mega-lists-pack, valued at 67$

That's a total value of 221$.

But you're not going to pay that. Neither 147$.

Not even 97$.

If you act now, you can get this package for less than 47$!.

In fact, we've made it available as a dimesale starting at just 37$. What this means is that the price goes up every few sales, so act fast, and secure your copy now at the best possible price:

Niche SoothSayer MPC Tactics

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