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Building an empire of WordPress sites is a good strategy to create a steady stream of passive income.

You can create affiliate sites for physical products, lead capture pages for offline businesses, blogs where you promote info-products, websites monetized by publishing ads, or websites where you sell your own products.

But as the number of sites you have to manage begins to grow, you'll soon realize that managing them can be a real pain, and repetitive tasks take more and more hours of your day.

Hours in which you are not publishing content, building your list, or creating and selling products.

You need the best WordPress Plugins to help you reach your goals.

Our mission is to help you get rid of this burden, and create plugins that help you focus on the key activities of your business:

  • Researching your market and understanding your audience.
  • Getting ever growing traffic to your site.
  • Refining and optimizing your marketing messages.
  • Increasing your sales.

We hope we will achieve our mission. Welcome to No Sweat Plugins.