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Would You Settle For Position #9 When You Could Be In The Top 3, Or For Pocket Change In Revenue When You Could Be Making Thousands A Month?

If your answer is a resounding "No!", we hear you, and we're here to help.

From the desk of: Mikel Perez & Inaki Ramirez


First of all, let us thank you for investing in No Sweat WP Internal Links, and congratulate you for making a wise decision.

With the plugin and the user guide you have just acquired, you have all the tools and information you need to start creating very powerful internal linking structures in your sites.

There's really no bad way of creating internal links with this plugin.


There are good ways to create internal links, and there are optimal ways to create them

We've been using this plugin in our own sites for years now.

And experience has told us that knowing how to technically create a structure is not always enough to make the most out of it.

You need more.

And we wanted to share all the knowledge we have gathered throughout those years.

We want you to know what an optimal site's structure is,  to know each of the 4 types of structures (the Hub, the Ring, the Web and the Star) like the palm of your hand, to know when you should choose each one of them over the others, why you should choose it...

In summary, we want to offer you a strategic approach to the usage of No Sweat WP Internal Links.

And we wanted to address all those questions, so we are offering you the...

No Sweat WP Internal Links Advanced Strategies Guide

In this advanced training, consisting of more than 1 hour's worth of no-fluff, to-the-point videos, we cover:

  • An introduction to on-site SEO and the reason why silos are important to your site's rankings in Google
  • How a properly siloed site structure looks like, so that you can model it easily
  • The fundamental usage scenarios for the Hub, that can lead to better linkjuice distribution and more conversions
  • The business models for which the most basic silo structure, the Ring, is ideal
  • Why the Web combines the power of a Hub and a Ring, and when to use it
  • The Star, and why it's the most poweful structure for quick indexing and linkjuice sculpting (and thus, rankings)
  • Two scenarios when it makes sense to use a Ring instead of a Star
  • The "99/1 rule", or how to use No Sweat WP Internal Links to improve rankings of massive sites or autoblogs

We want you to succeed with WP Internal Links... and do it fast

We know time is crucial in business, and a day's worth of top 1 rankings can be a huge ammount..

So, we wanted to back your efforts, and help you have your site indexed fast, reaching the top positions in Google, and getting as much traffic as possible.

With this video tutorials, the results are now at your fingertips.

You will never feel confused wondering which structure to choose, and whether the structures you are creating are the most appropriate ones.

You now have the chance to feel that confidence in your work at an incredible price.

But it will be raising every few sales, so don't wait much longer, grab your copy now, and start optimizing your internal linking structures for maximum results:

No Sweat WP Internal Links Strategy Guides

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

If within 30 days of purchase you experience any technical issue or problem with your purchase you simply lodge a support ticket and grand us 72 hours to remedy the problem.

If we cannot deliver back to you (within that timeframe) a 100% working copy and resolve your issue, we will refund all your money back (with no questions!)

P.S.  This is more than 1h worth of videos, for the price of a family pizza and a soda. Yes, these taste good, but don't increase your bottom line. This video series will, if you put it into action.