Must-have WordPress plugins to generate and manage massive WordPress Sites

Many times, dealing with the hundreds or even thousands or post and pages in a massive site can be a daunting task.

How can you delete posts in bulk, apply mass format content changes, move posts to new categories or even generate content massively?

In this post  we will introduce you to some plugins for those who have, or would like to have, a WordPress site with such massive content and that are almost always a must-have.

Most of the plugins that will be shown are free, while some have a free limited version a pro unlimited one:

Batch-Move Posts wp plugin

This plugin helps you change the category of a group of posts in large numbers.

Just select the posts you want to change (using the current category, keywords etc) and move them to the new category automatically.

Search & Replace

After inserting thousands of articles you may notice that there is a grammar mistake in all your posts!.

No problem, just use this plugin and everything will be fixed.

Use it with care, as it modifies the database directly and once you execute it you cannot “undo”  the changes.

Permalink Finder
If a page is giving you a 404 error and it is already indexed by google, with this plugin, the user (and Google) will be redirected to the new URLs with no errors, keeping your SEO scores and user experience intact.

Bulk Delete

Very versatile plugin when you have to mass delete post or pages.

You may delete posts by category, tags, titles, user roles etc. You may even delete draft private, pending and scheduled posts. Almost anything.

Mass Page Creator

Sometimes we want to generate massive content…but do not have time to write those hundreds or thousands of articles.
This new plugin, uses spun articles and list of dynamic elements to generate thousands of unique, long-tail keyword targeted posts in minutes!

Do you know more plugins for massive wordpress sites? Just tell us and we will include in our list!

About The Author

Mikel Perez

I love Wordpress. I really do. And the main reason for that is the great community of users, and the extensibility options provided by plugins. There are lots of plugins I love and use, but sometimes I need a functionality that is not offered by any plugin available in the free repository, or even in the market as a paid plugin. So I had one developed for myself, and I thought... "what the heck, I'm sure many Wordpress admins need the same features I do!" That was the starting point of this personal adventure, and here's the result of that idea, a site where you can find plugins that offer you exclusive functionalities, with the maximum convenience.

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  • Siddaiah

    Reply Reply December 23, 2014

    Hi Mikel,
    I don’t know about permalink finder plugin for sharing, recently i got this problem error 404 on my blog, sometimes we wanted to change URL of our article, this happens to everybody, thanks for sharing

  • Mikel Perez

    Reply Reply December 23, 2014

    Thanks for your comment Siddaiah

  • seo california

    Reply Reply December 26, 2014

    Hello! Do you know if they make any plugins to safeguard against hackers?
    I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked hard on. Any recommendations?

  • Rohit Sharma

    Reply Reply May 22, 2015

    Thank you so much for this list! I’ve added the ones I was missing and can’t wait to use the Permalink Finder.

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