Weekly WordPress Goodies 01-31-2015

Oh, my, one month of 2015 has already gone by!

I hope you are making the most of this new year. and that the information we offer here helps you be more productive and successful.

Let’s dive into the fourth Weekly WordPress Goodies post of 2015.

General WordPress News & Tips

JetPack has generated lots of controversy and debate this week. WP Tavern wondered how important it is for WordPress' road to 50% market share, Lee Batten asked the (not trivial at all) question of whether beginners need it in GavickPro, WPMUDev wondered if WordPress is dependent on Jetpack and Chris Lema asks whether the future of WordPress is related to JetPack.

All VERY interesting reads, though I ended up with a mild case of Jetpack-itis. Especially taking into account that I didn't like the chimaera of plugins / functionalities from the get-go...

WP Explorer shared with us several useful tips on how to revive old posts.

Also, I'm proud to share the news that WordCamp Europe will be taking place in Seville, Spain, this year, between the days 26th and 28th of june. As a Spaniard, and WordPress lover, I can't but recommend you to come if you can and enjoy our weather, gastronomy... and passion for WordPress!


This week Secunia released an advisory (free signup required to read the details) alerting of a vulnerability in the LeagueManager WordPress plugin. If you are running a sports site and use this plugin, please upgrade it to the latest version to have the vulnerability patched.

Sucuri also warned of a bogus patch for the Revolution Slider that is in fact a SEO spam plugin.

WordPress Plugins

Last week we referred to a post that explained the important markeintg metrics you should be monitoring. How can you monitor them? Why, with analytics of course! This week WP Kube comes to the rescue with an article about the best analytic plugins for WordPress (including, but not limited to, those that link it to Google Analytics).

InstantShift shared a list of very useful advertising plugins for WordPress (ideal for affiliates).

And our usual list of new plugins available in the repository that have captured our attention: Content Expire Scheduler, whose name is quite explanatory and is very useful for event, hangouts or propotion announcements in our opinion, Insta Grabagram, that displays a feed of Instagram images based on hashtags, and WP Reviewr (not a typo), that allows you to add gorgeous visual responsive reviews to your blog.

Design, themes & usability

This week we will focus on themes useful for different types of businesses;

Do you or any of your customer have a niche / business blog you'd like us to find a theme for? Please let us know in the comments below and we'll do!

Not specifically WordPress related, but useful or cool anyway

The second "trend" in posts this week seems to revolve around Google Webmaster Tools. Elegant Themes wrote a blog post about how to use them to improve your website, and Yoast is publishing a series of articles devoted to different aspects of the webmaster tools, more specifically this week about the Search Traffic and the Search Appearance sections.

And this week we end up with a very insightful (and appropriate, IMHO) article in BloggingPro.com about why you should focus more on humans than on GoogleBots, keywords etc. when writing your content.

We hope you liked our fourth Weekly WordPress Goodies installment.

Please, share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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